The World Ethnosport Confederation (WEC), whose main mission is to safeguard, promote, and popularize traditional sports and games in order to avert their impoverishment or extinction, annually organizes the 4th Ethnosport Forum with the aim of providing participants with a platform for developing new strategies, proposing alternative approaches, and offering solutions to those obstacles traditional sports and games encounter.

The 1st International Ethnosport Forum was held in Antalya, Turkey in 2018 under the title “Reviving Traditional Sports’’ with the participation of ministers, government officials, federation representatives, and academicians from 56 different countries.

Over 200 field experts from 30 different countries attended the 2nd International Ethnosport Forum organized and held in Almaty, Kazakhstan in April 2019 and hosted by the Ethnosport Association of Kazakhstan, an esteemed member of WEC.

At the 3rd Ethnosport Forum held in Antalya, Turkey on February 22-23, 2020 vast emphasis has been placed on the importance of government’s support for ethnosports. Accordingly, a Joint Statement expressing an intention of commitment for reviving traditional sports has been signed by Youth and Sports Ministers from eight different countries.

The main topic of the 4th Ethnosport Forum will be the importance of academic research and its practical implementations in ethnosport field along with other significant discussion subjects.

what we do

The main mission of the World Ethnosport Confederation (WEC) is to safeguard, promote, and spread traditional sports and games around the world.

WEC has taken it upon itself to act as an umbrella organization for traditional sports and games’ associations and federations.

In order to avert impoverishment and extinction of ethnosports, WEC aims at facilitating their protection through a wide spectrum of activities and initiatives by organizing events, conducting projects, and encouraging academic research.